The Lucy Fagella Pottery Blog is where I share the how the pottery is made. Pottery process is a beautiful thing… watching a pot rise up from a lump of clay at the wheel, or seeing a work table filled with freshly thrown pieces. This blog focuses on process shots, pottery videos, the work table at the end of the day, and some finished work fresh from the kiln.

mugs waiting for the firing LucyFagella



New Urns for 2017

I am working on some new urns for the new year.

These new urns have such detail to them. Lots to think about for me with the different faceted planes and the carved feet. I am quite happy with the result so far.  The form itself is not totally new, I have been doing variations of it since I started making cremation urns 12 years ago. What is new are the faceted and carved vertical lines. I have been working out the kinks on these in my spare time for about four months now. I finally have them to the point where I can test the glaze on them. One will be a translucent dark blue that breaks white on the vertical lines. The other will be a semi matte clear. I will find out only after the glaze firing if this form will truly work out the way I imagine.

You can see some similar footed urn forms like these on my website here.

You can also visit my shop here to purchase the current footed urns that I have in stock.


new urns

foot detail of urn

Artist Made Cremation Urns

Artist made cremation urns.

I have been making urns since 2004 and in 2005 it became part of my pottery business. It was tough selling artist made cremation urns back then. I would call up funeral homes for an appointment, and bring them a sample urn and brochure. Door to door saleswoman with brochures in hand! I remember that three fold brochure which I spent a bunch of money on. It was very expensive to hire a photographer, designer and printer. Two years later I no longer liked those urns, and stopped using the brochure. The time had come to focus on the website. Oh how times changed… now if I no longer like something I made, I just take it off the website!

My website, Etsy, and online urn companies are where you can find my urns. People need beauty during the very difficult time of a loved one’s death… this is why I choose to use my talents in this way as an artist. I know that what I do helps. I know this because after 12 years of doing this I have received numerous emails, letters, hugs, and reviews, (see etsy shop here for reviews). All of this feedback keeps me going strong. I know that I am doing the right thing with my talents.

When I was a kid my mother alway quoted a scripture verse from Matthew 5:13… a paraphrase here… “You are the light of the world, the salt of the earth, no one lights a lamp to hide it under a basket, it is put out for all the world to see”.  Another word kid, she would say… “use your talents for the good of others”! I like to say this to my kids now, but I say it in another way too… “do what you love, then share it”.  Or this way… from Picasso… “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.”

After 12 years of making cremation urns I can honestly say that this is the majority of my yearly income. When I look at this in terms of using my gift, it makes me smile. I know mom’s spirit is smiling too!  I also think, well it’s time to even do more. So for 2017 my focus will be on my urn business. I will of course still make functional pottery for the kitchen and home, (useful handmade pottery brings joy to our everyday lives). There will just be more of a focus on urns. In the past I have been afraid to post on social media too much about urns, fear that it would turn people off to my work, and that it is too sad to think about. I’m realizing though that these forms I make are beautiful, and they are needed.

Right now in the studio I am working on some new urn forms, that I will be sharing in the next month or so. The urns that are pictured below are part of my standard ware, (meaning that you can count on these being in stock. I also partner with cremation urn companies who sell these online). These come in four sizes- Individual, (220 cubic inches). Medium, (120 cubic inches). Small, (40 cubic inches). Keepsake, (12 cubic inches). They can be found here on my website.

All of my artist made cremation urns are made with great detail, and many hours are put into each one that I make. The new urns I am making will come in similar sizes, but they will be one of a kind, sold only here on my website.

artist made cremation urns

artist made urns in process

Ways to Photograph Pottery

There are so many ways to photograph pottery. Do you want the work for a catalog, a show, a book, or a gallery. Do you want to sell it online, on your website, on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram. What are you trying to convey… is it a feeling, or is it just a no-nonsense, crisp, head-on photo of a pot?

A photo of pottery in this digital age is so important. People are buying pots online as much as they do in person. As potters/photographers we need to give a feel for that pot through one or more photos. As a buyer and potter, I personally want to see at least four photos of a pot. A full-on shot, a close-up, a top view, a bottom view, handle if it has one, the lid inside, if it has one. I also want to be taken into that photo, imagine what it would look like on my kitchen table. I’d like to see myself using the piece.

Here is an excerpt from a recent post I wrote for my Instagram feed about the photo below.

ways to photograph pottery

A mugshot for Monday! Photographing work the boring way… I’d much rather see these cups on the table, or in someone’s hand, but alas, a potters work needs to be photographed in this setting sometimes for galleries and shows. I suppose I should think of this type of photograph as “background noise canceling photography”. It is quiet with no distractions, or emotion. This is good thing for the gallery setting, or for a catalog, especially when other potters photos are shown next to it. It’s just not real life though. I like to convey feelings… emotion, color, sunbeams, cloudy days, blur, movement, etc. etc.

What do you think? What’s your favorite way to see pottery in this virtual online world?


Here are some photos of different ways I have photographed the same cups.

To purchase one of these beauties go to my shop page here.

ways to photograph pottery Lucy Fagella


Ways to Photograph Pottery

Holiday Open Studio and Sale

I am happy to announce my annual Holiday Open Studio and Sale this December 9-10-11! The Studio opens Friday the 9th, from 4-8. Then Saturday and Sunday 10-4!

The pottery studio will transform into a beautiful Holiday Shop for these three days. Hot Cider and homemade cookies will be served throughout the weekend. There will be weekend specials, and of course the long seconds table filled with lots of pots. People tend to come early for this part of the sale to find the best seconds and discontinued pottery at great prices. So get here while the getting is good!

Here is the postcard. If you would like to be on my twice a year mailing list for shows, email me at with your name and street address. Or if you would like to be on my twice a year email list, send me your email!

Holiday Open Studio and Sale Lucy Fagella



Quick Pottery- Making a Spout for a Citrus Juicer

Another Quick Pottery video. This little snippet shows how I use a little ice cream cone shaped paper cutout to easily create a spout.

With all of the citrus juicer exploration, (see last post on citrus juicers- form follows function) you had to guess I would make a “Quick Pottery” video on at least one of them! Of course there is so much more to it than what you see here, but this gives you a little idea of what goes into it.