The Lucy Fagella Pottery Blog is where I share the how the pottery is made.  Pottery process is a beautiful thing… watching a pot rise up from a lump of clay at the wheel, or seeing a work table filled with freshly thrown pieces. This blog focuses on process shots, pottery videos, the work table at the end of the day, and some finished work fresh from the kiln.

Transition Time

As a mother and a potter sometimes pottery takes a back seat.  Summer vacation is starting my boys are keeping me busy.  The last couple of weeks have consisted of lots of baseball games, field trips, end of year farewells, etc.  I always find it difficult, this transition time from kids in school, to summer vacation.  My work is a constant interruption.  Yet I know our children grow all too quickly and someday I’ll wish I could be sitting at a game!

As for the pottery I hope to have my new work photographed soon and up on my website.  Here is a sneak peek of my latest mugs and a very good baseball player named Luke Toritto (my oldest son)

Start of Summer at the Market

Last week I did the farmers market for the first time. I went with my berry bowls, garlic grater dishes, butter bells, flower vases and a sampling of my work that you can find at gallery/shops.  I would say garlic grater dishes were the hit of the day.  Sorry to those of you who expected me there today, but severe thunderstorms wind and heavy rains were predicted for the whole day… wouldn’t you know it, not much happened till later in the day….oh well live and learn, next time I will not listen to the weather reports and brave it out like the farmers!  Here is a photo of a customer checking out one of my sunny day mugs.

Thoughts on Pottery Workshops


I have been thinking about workshops, as I am preparing to teach workshops this summer.  Even though I have taught pottery for over twenty years I am just branching out to the workshop scene.  Workshops are a great way to get charged up… you walk away from an intensive couple of days, your mind filled with ideas…your just ready to make the most creative pots imaginable! 

I have been to many pottery workshops through out the years. The most recent was with Val Cushing. Val was one of my Alfred teachers… the man who taught me how to make good functional pottery.  When the Asparagus Valley Pottery Guild brought Val here for a workshop I couldn’t pass up the chance to sit with him again and soak in some of his wisdom and knowledge.  Well it ended up that I was his assistant for the weekend just like the old days at Alfred.  Back then I had a great work study job as Val’s glaze calculations lab tech.  

I have not seen Val in more than twenty years, never did I think I would be assisting him again. It was an blast from the past!  And so nice to be with this gentle, articulate and talented man again!


Pottery Buzzing

Butter Bells


It’s been awhile since I last wrote…the studio is still a buzzing from the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail.  I have been busy filling orders and restocking my supply of pottery.  This past two weeks I made more butter bells, berry bowls, garlic grater dishes, mugs, and vases.  Most of these items I will be selling at the local farmers market.  My friend and fellow potter, Tiff Hilton sells her pottery each spring/summer/fall at the market.  She asked me if I would fill in for her once or twice a month.  I thought that would be a great place to sell my farm related products such as butter bells, garlic keepers etc.  So my first farmers market gig is the next two saturday mornings, May 24th and 31st at the Greenfield Farmers Market, Main St. and Court Square.  Here is a photo of my butter bells… to find out more detail about these little wonders visit my website.

The Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail

The Trail was a great success!  My studio was a buzzing…hundreds of people visiting, asking questions, looking at the details of my pottery studio and buying pots.  One of my favorite things about studio sales is the very fact that a buyer can see how things are made, see an artist’s surroundings and ask questions.  It brings a little extra home with you….a little reminder of the experience every time you use the pot!

An exciting thing about the trail is building community.  We are nine potter’s living fairly close to each other living our separate lives, making our individual work (and our very different work). We come together for these couple of months to meet and plan for the Trail.  It’s not a competition, it’s really about cooperation.  I direct my customers to Tiffany’s for the stoneware dinnerware set, or Molly’s for the whimsical story pots, or Tom’s for the wood fired pots, and so on.  We really work together to make the whole experience for our customers a easy-going, fun-filled day!  

For those of you who came for the tour I hope you enjoyed it!


Crabbing in South Carolina

checking her outwalking back to water

Yes, yes, it is crazy the week before the pottery trail vacationing in South Carolina, but heck, the kids were on April break and family lives down south.  So I finished all my work for the Pottery Trail and set up my studio as if the trail were last Saturday.  When I get home Friday I just have some last minute touches to do and I will be ready to greet people in my studio Saturday morning with a smile on my tanned, happy face!





Summer Workshops are Here!

Many students have asked for summer workshops, rather than 10 week classes (I will still offer one 10 week class rather than three).  With vacations and great weather some people generally don’t want to commit to a weekly class.  So I think the idea of condensed time together in the workshop setting will be a great learning experience and fun too!  Check out my workshops and classes page!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Preparing for the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail . Last week I trimmed so many pots my pointer finger got jammed ( I trim using a lid to hold my pot down on foam).  This last week and the next week or so I am glazing and firing my kilns.

I’m making some new work… berry bowls, garlic jars, gravy boats, creamers, sugar jars, and of course more butter bells (my best seller, besides mugs).  I will have plenty of bowls, mugs, teapots, small trays, vases, eggcups, plates, etc. . The glazes on my work has changed slightly.  More drawing with glaze pencil and under glazes.  Glazes are over all somewhat brighter.  I still have my very quiet, subtle glazes too!

During the two days of the pottery trail you will see our studio’s and some of us will be giving demos. At my studio you will be seeing myself or my assistant or advanced students throwing.  So come on the tour support the great potter’s in the valley!

Egg Cups

 Just love these little treasures….they are as sweet as can be.

I’ve been busy in the studio, making lots of pots for the Asparagus Valley pottery Trail coming up at the end of the month(see events page).  The studio is filled with pots in process. There is hardly any table space for my students! 


Egg cups drying


Easter morning

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Aside from my studio you can find my work at the following shops and galleries.

Aside from my studio you can find my work at the following shops and galleries.