Instructional Video on Making Spoons and Scoops


ceramic scoops


I am excited to share my first full length Instructional Video on Making Spoons and Scoops! People always ask me how do I make my ceramic spoons, so I thought this would make a great instructional video.

This is a detailed, start to finish pottery lesson on making ceramic spoons and scoops on the potters wheel. In this video I will demonstrate methods of throwing, cutting, altering and joining to create finished spoons and scoops. I will also talk about decorating and firing. Your end product will be useful, functional and decorative spoons and scoops that you will feel confident to sell, or to just give away as gifts. You can watch a promo video, and purchase the full length video at

I have been a potter for over 30 years, and ceramic instructor for nearly 30 years, and have a wealth of knowledge to share with beginner to advanced pottery students. I tend to give a lot of that knowledge away for free on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube… but I want to get into more detail with my videos… little snippets are good, but just not enough for those wanting to really learn more about this difficult craft. Students want more too, and have asked me for longer videos, so I thought why not give it a go!

I love the whole video process, from filming to editing, but have found that it takes a whole lot of time to make even a short video. The editing takes enormous amounts of time… probably 80% longer than the actual filming. It’s another whole job on-top of being a full time potter! Since it takes lots of time to create something of value, these lessons will be sold through When you purchase a video there is no time limit as to how long it is available… it is yours to keep forever through teachable! You don’t have to worry about downloads taking up all the space on your computer, or fussing with dropbox to get access to the video!

There are different names for gaining knowledge online… courses, classes, lessons, lectures, membership sites, and subscription service… (I may be missing a couple). I have chosen to name these videos, ‘Online Pottery Lessons” because it is one lesson at a time.

This first Online Pottery Lesson – “Making Ceramic Spoons on the Potters Wheel” is geared for intermediate to advanced students, but not to worry beginners, more to come in the future for you on basics. I would love it if you contacted me and let me know what you would like to see in a video!

I know that many people want to learn the craft of pottery, but do not have access to pottery classes. This is part of the reason I am creating these videos. Think of these as taking a class with me at my studio! These videos are like a one on one pottery lesson. One of my fondest memories as a teenager was getting ten private pottery lessons from a local potter. It was my high school graduation present from my parents. I learned so much from those one on one lessons! So in memory of first pottery teacher, I thought “Pottery Lessons” would be a fitting name. You can visit my lessons here.


Spoons in the Making

Some new spoons are in the making! Love making these… this go around they have a good sized hole at the top. I have some plans for them and how they will hang on a hook. Also just having a bit of fun playing with light and shadow on the beautiful white porcelain, and the white canvas work table.

shadow and light on spoons in process Spoons in process




Ceramic Spoons

I started making my first ceramic spoons a little over a year ago.  I wanted to make a spoon to go with my sugar jar, but really had no clue as to how I would make one that didn’t look like a ceramic soup ladle that potters made in the 1970’s for their soup tureens.  I started playing around with some hand built spoons, but they were very primitive looking… like a  third grader made them.  My intention was to make the spoon and the sugar jar a full composition, a flow of two separate pieces coming together as a unit.  I felt that for this result to happen the spoons needed to be thrown on the potters wheel.  So I took to the internet and searched handmade ceramic spoons. There weren’t many out there that had the feel I wanted except for one potter, Chandra DeBuse.  I looked at her spoons and thought, they are so playful and full of life!  They have a fullness to them, and they don’t look primitive.  They looked sturdy, unlike many of the spoons I was seeing, which felt like they would break with the slightest little mishap. Chandra’s spoons were getting very close to what I had in mind, but did not look like they were thrown on the wheel.  So I logged these images of her spoons in my little noggin, and continued to keep searching for others.  I then found Lorna Meaden’s spoons, which are very nice.  They are full looking, like Chandra’s, and very sturdy, and functional looking, and parts of them looked like they were thrown on the wheel.  I had what I needed to move on.  I thank Chandra and Lorna for their inspiration. Now it was time to set out making some spoons on the potters wheel!  Spoons that expressed who I am as a potter.  It took me a little time to make them look right, and feel right, and function well, but like all things learned in pottery… patience is the key to success. Here are the latest batch of spoons from the most recent kiln firing, and a photo of the sugar jar and spoon which can be found on my etsy FoodieCeramics shop. Spoons Lucy FagellaLucy Fagella Sugar Jar and spoon