Blue and White, Faceted, Footed Urns

The blue and white faceted, footed urns are out of the kiln! (See earlier post, New Urns for 2017 here.)  The blue came out as I had hoped it would… the glaze breaking a crisp white like I had imagined. As a potter you need to have some faith that things are going to work out when you give it over to the kiln firing. There is quite a gap from making the piece to the finished outcome weeks later. Nothing is immediate in pottery. We make our work, then let it dry a couple of weeks before it can go in the kiln for the bisque and glaze firings. Even when we know our glazes well, things can change when put on a new form. It is a happy event when you open up a warm kiln and see a piece just as you hoped it would turn out!

faceted footed urns, blue keepsake

The white faceted, footed urns also came out as I had hoped. I will be adding both of these new urns to my line of cremation urns for 2017. These urns will be available soon on my shop page here.

faceted, footed urns, white keepsake


Keepsake Urn

A keepsake urn/treasure jar to hold the memory of a loved one.

keepsake urn sea glass green Lucy Fagella

This keepsake urn was made recently for a customer. It was a special order for a loved one who died in their family. I usually do this urn in a creamy white with a brown under the cut out area of the three footed bottom. customer wanted it in my seaglass/turquoise color. Many times when a customer asks me to do a certain color I am hesitant. There are sometimes though I feel like the request will work out really well. This was one of those times. I liked it so much that I will add it to my line of urns. These will be available soon on my shop page!

I am currently working on a new shop page which should be up in the next week or so. Currently I have two shop pages, For the Kitchen and Lucia Urns which bring you to a secure Square shop. The problem with it is that it takes you off my website… and doesn’t seem to bring you back too easy. Customers have been having some trouble with it, and I have been looking for something that works more seamlessly on my end too. The new shop that is coming soon is a WooCommerce shop which is made for WordPress websites. It will keep you on my website yet provide you with a secure site to use your credit card through Paypal or to just use Paypal. There will be a shop for urns, and a shop for the kitchen.

Here is a photo of the original footed keepsake urn which is currently available in my shop.

keepsake urn peaceful white

Tiny Lidded Pots… Keepsakes

Have you ever tried making really tiny lidded pots?  It ain’t easy.  I remember when I was in high school, seeing a Ceramics Monthly magazine with an article about a woman who made teeny, tiny little pots for doll houses.  I couldn’t believe anyone could work that small, I still can’t.  The images of those pots just stick in my mind.  Well these pots of mine are not that small, but are tiny… approximately 2.5″. 

You would think, the smaller the pot, the easier it would be to make, and it should probably be very inexpensive.  I have been making these tiny keepsakes the past few months and have realized the effort and loss factor in trimming a pot and lid that is less than a 1/4 lb is very time-consuming! 

These little cuties are named Petite Keepsakes and are listed on my urns page of my website.  (I hope to get these new photos on the website soon).   These are made with the intention of  holding a precious memory, like a piece of jewelry, a poem, a love note, or storing a tiny bit of ashes from a loved one who has passed on.