I am making small porcelain urns this past week… actually I am on a cycle of re-stocking all of my urns. I start by making the smallest keepsake urns, then the small size urns. This will take me a full week to do, between making the urns and the lids, then trimming. The following week I work myself up to the medium size urns which weigh 4.5 lbs, then go to the large urns which weigh 6.5 lbs. When the urns have gone through the whole trimming, drying and firing process they weigh approximately 2-4 lbs.

Here are a few photos of the small urns in process. I have also made a “Quick Pottery” video to demonstrate how I make the lids for the urns off a larger hump of clay.

To see my line of cremation urns for your loved one take a look at my shop page here.

making small porcelain urns lucyfagella.commaking small porcelain urns LucyFagella.commaking small porcelain urns lucy fagella