My 16th annual Open Studio/Holiday Sale is just round the corner!


Here is a little explanation of why this year is going to be different.

Do you ever just feel like you need a change?
I have felt this need for change in my studio work for over a year now.  Sometimes we get too comfortable in what we do everyday… I needed to shake things up a little bit and get out of that comfort zone, take a leap, and begin fresh after my studio renovation. (Which you can read about in an earlier post, here).
I have made a big change from porcelain to stoneware for my kitchenware. (My urns will still be made in porcelain). This has opened up a whole new way of glazing for me. I knew if I changed my clay I would have to learn how to use my glazes differently. I am really excited about this change, even though there has been lots of trial and error. I don’t like to say mistakes, because I don’t think there are mistakes when it comes to creativity and invention. I truly feel that it all just makes you better at what you do.

So now the studio is filled with newly made pottery experiments everywhere! It’s a mess quite honestly. I try to do a small kiln firing every weekend and learn from each one. This is all good… I am getting what I need as each firing answers my, “if I did this, what will I get” questions. It’s also good because it creates lots of, “so-called seconds”. Can you see where I am going with this? Seconds are perfect for my Holiday Open Studio and Sale coming up this December 8th, 9th, 10th.  I really like to get handmade pottery into everyone’s hands and seconds pricing allows for that.

Mark your calendars!

Here is my postcard for this year… front and back.

Holiday Studio Sale Lucy Fagella Pottery

Lucy Fagella Holiday Sale