Artist Bio

Lucy with pupsLucy Fagella is a full time potter and ceramic instructor living in Greenfield, MA. She makes functional pottery for the home and heart.  Lucy earned her B.F.A. degree from Alfred University 1985. She has been in numerous ceramic exhibits throughout the US. Her work can also be found in publications on ceramics and home décor.



Artist Statement

The sheer physical nature of pottery making fills many aspects of my being.  It satisfies both the artist and the athlete in me. Pottery is a constant quiet motion; the rhythms are like meditation, moving meditation.  I compare it to riding my bicycle through the beautiful hills and farms where I live.  As I ride I become one with this beauty that surrounds me: as I make pots I become one with the clay and beauty that is unfolding. It is a great gift to bring beauty into this world.  As a potter I have the opportunity to bring the extraordinary into the ordinariness of our daily lives.  This clay… this stuff of life: so ordinary yet so extraordinary as it passes through the potter’s hands.  I am blessed that my hands become co-creators in this great mystery of creation in constant process.