The Lucy Fagella Pottery Blog is where I share the how the pottery is made.  Pottery process is a beautiful thing… watching a pot rise up from a lump of clay at the wheel, or seeing a work table filled with freshly thrown pieces. This blog focuses on process shots, pottery videos, the work table at the end of the day, and some finished work fresh from the kiln.

Tall Pitchers in Process

Terri and I spent our Sunday in Northampton at the Smith College greenhouses smelling all the beautiful flowers while standing among the palms and banana trees in the 80 degree sunny shelter.  The three feet of snow melted away for just a little while. 

I’m dreaming of a hot summer day, and a pitcher of lemonade.  I guess that’s where these are coming from…  some tall pitchers in the works… these weigh 3.5 or 4 lbs, and measure 11 to 12″, they will end up being about 10 or 11″ after the glaze fire. 

What I did at the Workshop

Since the Catherine White workshop was hands on, I figured I might as well share what I made.

Day one was mono-printing, drawing, and collage.  Day two was making that all happen on clay!

When I first started out as an artist, it was all about print-making and drawing for me, but then pottery took over as my favorite medium and the rest fell away.  For the past few years I have been missing print-making and drawing, and have been trying to bring it back into my life.  When we were choosing workshop presenters Catherine was at the top of my list because of her mono prints and clay work.

Below is one of the collages from the first day, and my plates from day two,  below that, are a couple of my “sketch plates” which I have been making for the past year or so. 




Catherine fires to cone 10 reduction with gas or wood.  The slips, and ash are from her studio.  I have no idea what they will look like in a cone 6/7 oxidation atmosphere… I’ll be firing them next week.

Below are my sketch plates… it is my way of working things out small, and quickly, and at the same time they are practical. (isn’t everything I do?)  Once they have served their purpose for my learning experience, I am able to sell them at my studio sales very easily.  They measure 6″ round,  and people seem to love the size for snack plates.  The first plate, (in a black oil glaze) is part of my dinnerware.  We have been using it for the past five months in my kitchen.  The second one, is a new blue with wax resist.  I am trying to get this painterly, mono print like feel that I have been missing.  I think the workshop might push me even further in this direction.  We shall see what influences it will have on my work!  Fun, fun, fun!



Catherine White Workshop Part 2

Catherine tip-toed through the storms from Virgina all the way to Western Massachusetts.  It seems that every Tuesday/ Wednesday for the past three weeks we have been having a snow storm.  Thankfully Catherine was able to make it here, and back to Virginia before this current storm!

The Asparagus Valley Potters Guild is a group of professional potters.  Every year or so we invite a ceramic artist/potter from outside our area to teach us a little bit about pottery.  This particular workshop was very exciting for all of us because it was a hands on workshop.  Catherine gave demos, and we got to play with paints, clay and slips! To be in a room with 16 other professional ceramic artists all creating separately, yet to together in one room was awesome to say the least!

If you haven’t seen Catherine’s blog by now go check it out.  She is known is the blog world for her inspiring posts which focus on the Winter and Summer Solstice.  In her blog she shares her paintings, clay work and wonderful photography, and of course her writing… her site is truly inspirational.  Her workshop was also.

One Cold Potter

The morning weather report… 15 below zero.  By the time my sons were waiting for the bus it was a balmy minus 10!

I got into the studio by 9:00 and did everything I could to avoid wedging the cold clay.  I did paper work, and loaded a bisque kiln.  My fellow potter friend Tom White called.  He was doing the same as me… everything to avoid the cold clay.  He said his throwing buckets had ice on the top of the water!  Tom and I both have nice finished studios, mine a renovated barn, with my chickens living below my studio.  I have a very nice wood pellet stove, so technically it should be fairly warm… but it took hours to warm today. 

Well by 10:00 I faced the clay.  As I wedged my clay my hands became numb.  After ten minutes I held them under warm water to defrost, they tingled for another ten minutes.  So I came back in the house frozen, and ate another warm blueberry muffin (that I made specifically to help warm the house), and had a cup of tea. 

Got back in the studio and finally threw for a couple of hours.  These past two weeks between snow storms, snow days with kids, and freezing arctic air, is paradoxically  reminding of a heat wave in the summer.  When there is a heat wave everything seems to stop.  I’m feeling the same way, my body is having such a hard time getting in sync with this weather extreme.  The amount of work that is getting done is very similar…  a snail’s pace.  It all just reminds me that we are not ultimately in control.   


minus 10 degrees, wearing three layers and a fleece to work!

Potter, Mom, Snow Day

It’s always a juggling act to be working full time at home, with kids.  Today the challenge was a little more on the fun side of it though.  The interruption was not to drive a teenager to a doctors appointment, or to practice… today it was to cross-country ski with them, or to continue making butter keepers.  The choice as always, in parenting… compromise.  I  made half the amount of butter keepers I planned on making, and skied half the amount of time they wanted me to!  We were all happy… until we had to shovel the nearly two feet of snow!

The last two issues of Ceramics Monthly featured articles on Potter Moms, in the Studio Visit section.  The December issue visited with Elizabeth Robinson, and January visited with Jennifer Mecca.  Both of these Mom potters are doing fairly well for themselves.  Yet, both of these women have pretty much cut their studio time to about half of what they did before kids.  As I read about them, I thought about other potter moms I know, and all I thought was… it gets easier.  It was not that long ago that I could barely work with two little toddlers running around, constant mommy, mommy.  Now the interruptions are less and less, or they are more planned interruptions.  Like going to basketball games, or doctor’s appointments.

As my boys get older they have become so respectful of my working time, and they understand it’s how they have a nice home, and food on the table.  They are 13 and 15 years old now, and it seems my main job as a mom is feeding them, then driving them to friends, or school functions, and practices… and then feeding them again!

As my elderly friend says… motherhood… just a little interruption in time.  I’m beginning to see what she means by it.  It really does go by fast.


Oh, and then there are the butter keepers!

So now I am a Betterist… a new thing out there on the world wide web…  or maybe it’s old by now, and I’m just catching up!  (The site was launched May 2010!)  Well I just set up my Betterist page on!   It seems like a pretty cool site if your a ceramics teacher, or any kind of individualized teacher for that matter… like yoga, fitness, dance, even math tutoring! 

Just type in ceramics at the top search box and you get a whole list of teachers.  You can narrow down your search to state, and distance.  It’s like a website for your classes, with a calendar, and as much of a description as you want to include for your classes. You can even post videos, and photo’s. 

Check out their history here

Oh, and speaking of classes.  The winter classes here at begin Jan. 11th.  Only two openings left for the winter session, and that would be for Tuesday nights.

That Etsy Shop

Ok… so the Open Studio/Holiday Sale is over, and was a great success… now it’s time for that neglected etsy shop.   Time, time, time… just need a lot more of it! 

 There have been some great reads on other potter’s blogs about etsy, namely John Bauman and Ron Philbeck .  I really like the idea of etsy… it is just a new kind of work to me… taking lots of photo’s, being a little bit of a story-teller in describing my pottery, and last but not least,  listing, and re-listing, and re-listing again.  I think it’s just the learning curve.  I will eventually do it with ease. 

Take a look at my foodieceramics etsy shop here!  I’m having a sale… FREE SHIPPING in the U.S!!



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