The Lucy Fagella Pottery Blog is where I share the how the pottery is made.  Pottery process is a beautiful thing… watching a pot rise up from a lump of clay at the wheel, or seeing a work table filled with freshly thrown pieces. This blog focuses on process shots, pottery videos, the work table at the end of the day, and some finished work fresh from the kiln.

Stop Throwing, Start Glazing for the Holiday Open Studio

I always find it hard to stop throwing before my Studio Sales.  I get this fear that there will not be enough.  I said to my apprentice Pam on Thursday,  What if someone comes in and buys a stack of Garlic Grating dishes and I run out.  Well Thursday night someone did just that… a customer came to the studio and bought ten “Garlic Grates” (my name for them), I didn’t run out , but it just instilled more fear of not having enough.  It’s always nice to sell a bunch of stuff, but needless to say, today I was back in the studio throwing more, and feeling like I should be back in tomorrow for more.

It’s now one in the morning and I’m waiting for a kiln to finish.  (did I tell you I just love my new L&L kiln) It’s just non stop for the few weeks before the sale!   Here are some olive dishes and butter keepers waiting for the bisque firing.

BTW the Open Studio is December 4,5,6 .

These will have the green glaze which pools blue in the split rim

French Butter Keepers drying in the sunshine

Bi-monthly meeting… potters, food, pottery talk.

It’s so good when a group of potters can get together, eat great food and talk about pots.  The AVPG, Asparagus Valley Potters Guild is a group that does just that.  The November meeting was at my home and studio this past Sunday night.   Here are some pics of the group.  See more on the AVPG Blog.

Potters Guild Meeting Nov  

Front to back.  Pam Adorno, Rick Epstein, Mary Barringer, Lucy Fagella,  Mara Superior,  Evelyn Snyder,  Valerie Brunnell,  Lucien Koonce,  Molly Cantor,  Donna McGee,  Michael Cohen,  Nancy Magnusson,  Meghan Hart, Tiffany Hilton, Robbie Heidinger, Jamie Guggina, Andrew Quient, Steve Earp.  We are missing quite a few members… it’s just so hard to get everyone to a meeting on the same night! 

My dog Graham in the middle of the potter's guild potluck

In the kitchen… my dog Graham in the middle of things.

Lucy’s Opening At Molly Cantor Pottery

The opening at Molly’s new Gallery/Shop went well.  I brought my camera, but of course forgot to take pictures when it was  busy.  Terri managed to get a couple later in the night. 

Opening at Molly Cantor Pottery 003

Molly and Lucy in with some of Lucy’s pots.


 Opening at Molly Cantor Pottery 006

 Lucy and Molly in front of Molly’s great wall display of her work!

November Studio

What’s Up At the Studio?  It has been busy lately…

I have an opening at Molly Cantor Pottery this Friday Nov. 6th from 5-8pm.   As the artist of the month, my work can be purchased there for the whole month of November.  For those of you who have not seen Molly’s gorgeous new Gallery/Studio in Shelburne Falls, this is a great time to see the space, Molly’s work, and my work.  

 The following Friday, the 13th, 5-7pm  my work is in the annual Cup Invitational at the Artisan Gallery in Northampton.  This show is up until the end of Dec.

Three weekends in November you can find my seconds and discontinued work at the annual benefit at Snow Farm Craft Center.  This is an amazing array of pottery, glass, jewelry, fibers, etc. from artists all over New England!  Proceeds benefit programs at Craft Center.  Nov. 13,14,15.  20,21,22.  27,28,29.

french butter keepers drying

Some of the work I’ve been making for the Nov/Dec. sales   These are the lids (upside down), and body of the French Butter Keepers.   Also shown are two Keepsake Urns and Garlic Graters. 



Sunday Off… Being a Leaf Peeper

Today was one of those gorgeous Sunday afternoons.  We became tourists in our own county… or Leaf Peepers as we call all the tourists this time of year.   We live in north-western Massachusetts, very close to the Vermont and New Hampshire border. Greenfield is in the valley, with just a five minute car ride the views are beautiful of the surrounding mountains.  These photo’s are taken from the lovely area of Shelburne Ma.  at Apex Orchards looking northeast to Mt. Monadnock, N.H.

View to ManadnocNice Farm

Ceramic Artist Interview with Erin

This wonderful, recently graduated from art school, young woman is doing an interesting thing on her blog.  Her blog is called Ceramic Erin.  Erin is interviewing ceramic artists every week or so.  Check out her most recent interview with me on Erin’s  blog.   As an older person I think what she is doing is a great way for young  potters to get information about other potters the best way they know how…  though social networking.  (Ah, I guess 45 is not that old, maybe I should say,  “as a person who did not grow up in the computer age”.)  Anyway the teacher in me just loves this idea of the interviews.  I know when I was younger I could never get enough of how artist/potters daily lives were set up, and how they made a living doing what they love.

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