The Lucy Fagella Pottery Blog is where I share the how the pottery is made.  Pottery process is a beautiful thing… watching a pot rise up from a lump of clay at the wheel, or seeing a work table filled with freshly thrown pieces. This blog focuses on process shots, pottery videos, the work table at the end of the day, and some finished work fresh from the kiln.




When I was at Alfred U. my senior show was on liturgical art.  The whole gallery was decked out like an alter…  ceramic everything.  Now every once in a while I get an order for some liturgical ceramics.  Two years ago I designed the alter at Anna Maria College in Worcester, Ma. and just this past week I finished an order for a couple of chalices, plates and wine cruets. Here are a few of photos of chalices being made at the wheel and the same chalices finished.  

New Urn Pics Finally On My Website

One of the reasons I started a blog is to get images of my work out there sooner.  Although I love the work my web designer does, he does have a life, and sometimes it takes awhile to get stuff changed.  This week he put the new photos up and will soon get the info and pricing up.

Here is another peek at the new work.  This one was made with the intention of the light within each one of us.  This is a double walled thrown container with literally hundreds of holes in the outer wall…. time consuming…. yes, but worth it, especially with a votive placed under it.  When a loved one dies we should all be reminded of the light…. their spirit which lives on!

“Ashes to Art” Exhibit

Tonight at the Funeria Gallery in Graton California is the opening of the 4th International Biennial Exhibit, “Ashes to Art.”  This show is an excellent exhibit of cremation urns which include ceramic, metals, fiber, glass, and mixed media.  The last biennial exhibit was written up in the New York Times Magazine and The Boston Globe. I am happy and proud that two of my works were selected to be in this show.

I had given you a view of my new urns back on last months blog, but did not include these because everything was hush, hush until the press releases were out.  So here are pics of the two urns.  They are of course my regular porcelain work fired to cone 7 oxidation.  The smaller apple shaped “Life Vine”urn is a double walled container measuring approx. 7″x7”.  The Tall “Life Vine” urn is 17″H x 5″W.


Morning Glories and the Studio Gate

Tonight I covered the flowers in the studio garden. It looks and feels like we are going to have our first frost… I’m hoping not.  I want to hold onto summer for a little longer.  I love the entrance to my studio.  It is so bright and welcoming I can’t bear to see it fade!

New classes which started last week have been keeping me very busy.  I have not had enough time to take another try at photographing my pottery.  I finally took a few shots tonight after class…. so here is another image to share of my new work.  Well… I’ve gotten rid of some of the brightness,  but I think now it is too dark!

Learning to Photograph Pottery

Blogging is so much fun…. the whole pottery community connection thing that happens!  Because of a link on Kristen Kieffers blog  I’ve gotten great info on how to photograph my work.  There is this great site for potters on how to photograph your work – Fresh Plums Pottery by potter/teacher John Glick. 

I love my present photographer John Polak but I just can afford to go to him every time I want a new photo.  I have not been able to properly represent my current work on my website because of this. 

I purchased some good lighting equipment from Linco.  I heard about the amazing sales they have monthly on their website, so I checked the site monthly for about four months and was able to get a great deal on a boom light kit.  So my work lately is learning how to photograph my pots.  It is a challenge, but fun!

Arghh…too bright, tone it down!   I’ll learn!

Fall Classes Filled

Classes at Lucia Pottery begin tomorrow.  The three wheel throwing classes are filled.  I have a waiting list, if there is enough interest I will add one more class for Monday nights. 

Looking forward to new beginings with old and new students!

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