The Lucy Fagella Pottery Blog is where I share the how the pottery is made.  Pottery process is a beautiful thing… watching a pot rise up from a lump of clay at the wheel, or seeing a work table filled with freshly thrown pieces. This blog focuses on process shots, pottery videos, the work table at the end of the day, and some finished work fresh from the kiln.

Bees Making Honey, Lucy Making Honey Jars

The bees have been busy making honey, and I have been busy making honey jars, and videos!

Our hive is thriving this summer! I so enjoy just sitting next to the hive watching them buzz in and out. Below is a photo of the bees on a very hot August day. Bees never cease to amaze me. They each have their jobs to do… here they are busy cooling the hive. The job of this group of bees is to fan the hive on hot days. Other bees are out gathering nectar, and some are capping nectar, while the queen has only one job, to lay eggs to keep the colony going strong.

Making Honey

While these bees have been busy making honey I have been busy making honey jars! Somehow the delicious, golden honey, seems to be influencing my pottery. I have found a glaze color that is a perfect match for golden honey. I have a couple of these available on my shop page here.

Making Honey Jars Lucy Fagella

I have also been having a little fun making another one of my “Quick Pottery” videos! This short video shows a cross section of a honey jar. I find that cutting a piece in half is a good way to show my students where the wall of a pot needs to be thicker or thinner. For this particular one piece lidded jar, it is important to leave a thicker portion of clay where the lid will be cut.

To see more videos on how I make the honey jar on the potters wheel, visit my YouTube channel here.

Colorful Cups for the Kitchen

Colorful cups with layers and layers of glazing!  I wanted to make my old leaf mugs more colorful with drippy glazes and lots of movement. I tend to keep my mugs pretty simple, to keep the price point lower, but the past couple of years I have added more complicated designs to my mugs. It is a lot more work with all the layers of glaze, glaze pencil, and wax resist, but I’m having so much fun! These mugs hold 12 oz of your favorite morning brew. Mine happens to be Chai or Earl Grey Tea. How about you… what would you put in these?

You can find these new cups on my shop page here.

Colorful Cups

Cross Section of a Citrus Juicer

Sometimes it’s good to show a cross section of a citrus juicer. This is one of those pieces that most people ask me how it is made. So I put together this 40 second video to give an idea of how it is made by cutting it in half.

You can find this in my shop here, for purchase. If you would like to see more video on how the citrus juicer is made on the potters wheel, please visit my YouTube channel here!

Citrus Juicer Reamer Lucy Fagella

Video on Making a Berry Basket

Making a Berry Basket

I really enjoy making these short videos that are a little over a minute long. In this “Quick Pottery” video, making a mini berry basket, I demonstrate how I make the holes in the basket, and how I attach the handle. These videos are intended to be instructional videos for pottery students, and to give customers an overview of how a piece of pottery is created. To see more of these videos go to my youtube channel here, or just click on the video below.

The mini berry basket grew from my need as a gardener picking only a handful of raspberries or blueberries in the early and latter part of the season. Sometimes the regular size berry basket which holds a quart of berries is just too large. This little basket holds a nice size handful of berries. I bring the basket out with me to the garden, then bring it into the kitchen for a rinse.

Here are a couple of photos. The first photo is the work table at the end of the day. You can see a finished basket up front, with a few new baskets drying. The size difference is quite substantial because porcelain shrinks about 13%. The second photo is one of my favorite little berry baskets filled with some freshly picked blueberries.

Making a Berry Basket


Berry Basket Lucy Fagella


Summer Bounty in a Ceramic Berry Basket

It’s time for summer bounty in a ceramic berry basket!

The summer bounty from our garden has made it’s way into my ceramic berry basket. I have found many uses for this berry basket. I love using it especially at harvest time, it’s just the right size for a quart of berries, and perfect for vegetables, plus it looks so good on the table. These are available in my shop so take a look.

Ceramic Basket

Ceramic Basket Lucy Fagella

Ceramic Berry Basket

Gardening is such a big part of our lives. This time of year our kitchen gets a little crazy with vegetables and fruit all over the counters, and in the sink. The fridge is packed to the gills, and the freezer is needing defrosting to make way for all the new goodies to freeze for the year. The garlic is drying in the barn, and then the onions. The dehydrator is currently being used for oregano and basil, and when the cherry tomatoes come in they too will be dried to add to pasta dishes in the winter.

I am so grateful for the abundance of gifts from the good earth!

Glazing Pottery, Before and After

Glazing Pottery, the Before and After

What?… how can that color in the glaze bucket be blue, it looks red! Glazing pottery is always an enigma for my pottery students.

I figure this photo is a good way to explain what happens in the firing. The photo on the left is just after the urns are dipped in glaze. The photo on the right is just after the urns came out of the kiln. Glaze colors are always confusing to non potters. Glaze is not like a paint set, it is not, “what you see is what you get”. A whole chemical change occurs in the firing which reaches 2232 degrees F.  So the reddish glaze you see in the first photo is because of the red iron oxide in the glaze. When the kiln reaches higher temps that red burns away and the cobalt carbonate that seems hidden in the unfired glaze struts its stuff in the end!

The lighter blue vine pattern is created by dipping the urn first in a light blue glaze, then painting the pattern with wax resist. I then dip it into the darker blue glaze and the wax blocks out that second glaze, allowing for the pattern to appear.

These are some new urns that will be available on my shop page by late August.

Glazing Pottery before and after the firing Lucy Fagella

Keepsake Urn

A keepsake urn/treasure jar to hold the memory of a loved one.

keepsake urn sea glass green Lucy Fagella

This keepsake urn was made recently for a customer. It was a special order for a loved one who died in their family. I usually do this urn in a creamy white with a brown under the cut out area of the three footed bottom. customer wanted it in my seaglass/turquoise color. Many times when a customer asks me to do a certain color I am hesitant. There are sometimes though I feel like the request will work out really well. This was one of those times. I liked it so much that I will add it to my line of urns. These will be available soon on my shop page!

I am currently working on a new shop page which should be up in the next week or so. Currently I have two shop pages, For the Kitchen and Lucia Urns which bring you to a secure Square shop. The problem with it is that it takes you off my website… and doesn’t seem to bring you back too easy. Customers have been having some trouble with it, and I have been looking for something that works more seamlessly on my end too. The new shop that is coming soon is a WooCommerce shop which is made for WordPress websites. It will keep you on my website yet provide you with a secure site to use your credit card through Paypal or to just use Paypal. There will be a shop for urns, and a shop for the kitchen.

Here is a photo of the original footed keepsake urn which is currently available in my shop.

keepsake urn peaceful white

Glaze Dip Video

Glaze Dip, a “Quick Pottery” video.

This is one of my “Quick Pottery” videos to demonstrate how wax resist is used to create a pattern when brushed over a base glaze then dipped in a second glaze. The first glaze that I use is a nice medium blue matt glaze. I then paint on a wax resist pattern of leaves and vines, I let the wax resist dry, and dip it into a dark blue glaze. Take a look at the video on my You tube channel!

The urn that is pictured in the video was sold shortly after it came out of the kiln. Last week I did make a couple more like it, and just glazed them up today. See the photo below. They will go in the firing next week… just hoping they come out as good as the first one! If all comes out as planned look for them on my shop page at


ready for the kiln

Website Hacked

It’s a long story I will make short… my website was hacked. There was some confusion when I changed my domain hosting service, so I lost my domain name last night. Within hours someone from England purchased it.  If you go to my LuciaPottery domain name you are redirected to a Russian porn site. I was able to contact the new owner of my domain name and asked if I could please buy it back. He emailed me back and said yes for $6700. I said no thank you.  This is just so sad, there are so many evil, money hungry people in this world that think nothing of a persons livelihood.

My new website name is Lucky for me I owned my own name! I wanted to get but it was owned by someone else. I could have purchased it if I wanted to for a very high price.

My apologies for anyone who has my business card or any old links with my old website name.

Flower Vase Lucy Fagella Pottery



Spring Colors at Lucy Fagella Pottery

They get me every year, those spring colors.

The pale greens, and and the translucency of a brand new baby leaf just opened. Then there is the blue sky as the backdrop to these new leaves. Ah, spring colors, accentuated after the monochrome browns of winter.

This spring I am happy to introduce my new line of color. All of the new work will be available this coming weekend April 30th and May 1st on the Asparagus Valley Pottery Trail, and May 13-15 at the Worcester Pottery Invitational.

stack of spring colors LuciaPottery


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Aside from my studio you can find my work at the following shops and galleries.