The Lucy Fagella Pottery Blog is where I share the how the pottery is made.  Pottery process is a beautiful thing… watching a pot rise up from a lump of clay at the wheel, or seeing a work table filled with freshly thrown pieces. This blog focuses on process shots, pottery videos, the work table at the end of the day, and some finished work fresh from the kiln.

blogging…who me?

So I’ve decided to start a blog…I guess that means I actually have to write instead of my better form of communication which is of course making pottery.

It’s a Tuesday morning another snow storm due today. (I think #20 since December)  Yet the first signs of spring are showing, yes I know it is New England and it is still Febuary and there is two feet of snow on the ground, but the day light is longer, the birds are singing and maple trees are about to share their sap with the world.

I’m headed into the studio to make mugs.  My world has exploded into color lately.  I have in the past been known for my very subtle quiet glazes.  These past few months many changes have occurred in my life…hence changes in my pottery!  One thing I always remember from my college days at Alfred University were the wise words of Wayne Higby… one of his little reminders,  “Art reflects life, you can’t just make art.” 

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