I make pottery for the table… for food, family and gathering. Pottery that is used in our daily lives… be it a mug for morning tea, a large pasta bowl, or a salt cellar. I like to say my pottery is made for the home and heart. Another aspect of my work is to create urns for loved ones… a treasured jar to hold the cremains of a family member, friend or pet. I am honored to have people choose my work for a treasured memorial. As an artist/potter I love soft clay and glazes. I work on the potters wheel in porcelain, and fire my kiln in a cone 6 oxidation atmosphere. My focus is on the glass like quality of glaze. I try to capture the softness of clay and the drip of glazes through pattern, fine lines, and edges. I am thankful each and every day that I live a quiet life here in Western Massachusetts, making pottery and growing food in our abundant garden for our family.